The different types of surgery are categorized according to the urgency, the type of surgical procedure, the body system involved in the surgery and the kind of instrumentation.

The different types of surgery are as follows-

  1. Based on timing- Elective surgery is a surgery that is carried out in order to treat a non-life threatening situation related to the patient. It is carried out only if the patient is keen to get it done. It depends on the availability of the surgeon and the body condition of the patient. A non-elective surgery, on the other hand, is carried out to treat a life-threatening condition, one that endangers the patient’s life. However, it can be postponed for a short while, in case the conditions are not too favorable. However, an emergency surgery is a surgery that needs to be carried out immediately in order to save the patient’s life or a vital organ.
  1. Based on the body part- If the surgery is performed on a body part, then it is classified according to the body part, the system involved and the adjoining tissues. For example, cardiac surgeries refer to the surgeries performed on the heart and other organs of the respiratory system.
  1. Based on purpose- There are three types of surgeries based on the purpose of the surgery. Exploratory surgery is performed to diagnose the injury or disease in the patient’s body. Therapeutic surgery treats the condition that is already diagnosed. Cosmetic surgery is done to enhance the appearance or reconstruct a destroyed part of the body.
  1. Based on the type of procedure- Based on the procedure of the surgery, there are five kinds of surgery. Amputations involve the removal of a decomposed body part to prevent the entire body becoming gangrenous due to the spreading of the infection. Resection is the removal of the infected part of a certain organ, instead of completely removing it. Replantation refers to the attaching of a body part that has been severed from the body in an accident. Reconstruction surgery involves the reconstruction of a deformed body part. Plastic surgery, in a way, is reconstructive surgery. Transplantation involves the removal of an infected organ, in order to be replaced by a healthy organ from the body of another person. Kidney transplant is an example.
  1. Based on the instrumentation- Three are three types of surgeries based on the equipment or the instruments used while performing the surgery. Most of the surgeries are performed using the scalpel and other traditional instruments their modern avatar. However, in some cases, laser is used instead of these instruments. Therefore, such surgeries are known as laser surgeries. Microsurgery is the process of using a microscope in order to look at the complex organs more closely during the surgery. Such surgeries are known as microscopic surgeries. Robotic surgeries involve robots, who perform the surgery under the supervision of the doctor and the entire surgical team.